Our founder, Sam, has spent 5 years on projects around the country as a landscape architect, designing and regenerating green spaces for sustainable living. This attitude is deeply rooted in Scandivans philosophy, as we design and build campervans which respect their surroundings.


Where possible we use reclaimed materials and components to help create our interior spaces, giving each camper her own character as well as reducing carbon footprint

Ultimately 'campervaning' does have environmental consequences and that is why Scandivans have pledged to help offset the engine emissions through the power of tree planting. 

We have committed to supporting a local charity to Manchester, City of Trees. They are a movement transforming underused, unloved woodland and planting 3 million trees - one for every person across the city region, within a generation. We have pledged to plant 10 trees for every camper we release into the wild,  to help offset it's carbon footprint. 


We all have a responsibility on this planet to preserve our beautiful world, let's work together on this one.