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VW Transporter by Scandivans


The Transporter is the best selling van in history. They are the favourite van for conversions, due to their usable size,  design and reliability 


Our Transporter range offers three layouts, which maximise on space and comfort

Design your Scandivan

Choose your van

Scandivans is working with a number of local van dealerships , to help find a van which is right for you


Our team will always recommend a van which is new or almost new,  with manufacturer's warranty, a service plan and 12 months MOT

Alternatively, we are happy for you to source your own van 


Choose your pop-top

Our elevating roofs are supplied by Austops, who are the leading UK manufacturer for pop tops

We install the Scenic roof canvas as standard, which offers wrap around windows, to maximise on light and views 

We offer a range of colours for the roof and the canvas 

Austops roofs come with 5 years warranty 


Choose your layout

The three layouts we offer maximise on space, comfort and light

We offer the traditional 2 seater rock and roll bed with seat belts


Alternatively, you could choose one of our two signature U shaped layouts, which allow for more social space, a larger bed and panoramic  windows

Full details available in our 2024 brochure



Choose your finishes

This is a good opportunity to personalise your Scandivan 


We offer a wide range of finishes for the worktops, draw faces and flooring. All of which are beautiful, as well as versatile and hardwearing 

We recommend a blend of neutral tones to create a  harmonious space 



Choose your soft furnishings

The blinds, curtains and cushions can be personalised from our wide range of fabrics 

The range is built of textiles which adopt natural colouring, on durable textured fabrics 

We support small local creatives who make our bespoke cushions and blinds to order



Choose your accessories & upgrades

Extras, upgrades and accessories are available on all of our builds

This is a great opportunity to equip your Scandivan for all your adventures 


We believe that every good conversion, starts with a good conversation


Please get in touch if you would like further information regarding pricingspecifications and design process

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